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The MySQL database server is the world's most admired open source database. Its architecture formulates it, as a tremendously prompt and effortless database to customize. Extensive reclaim of code within the software and a minimalistic approach to generating functionally-rich features has resulted in a database management system unparalleled in speed, solidity, steadiness and ease of deployment. The inimitable separation of the core server from the storage engine makes it feasible to dart with strict transaction control or with ultra-fast transaction less disk access, whichever is most apposite for the situation.

With WSI, you can streamline the manual, time-intensive errands linked with MySQL design, development, admin, presentation and availability. As a vital part of our application and services management key, we offer MySQL with precise competence for:

  • Database management
  • Performance and Accessibility management
  • Business services management
  • End user management
  • Modify, configuration and liberate management

These capabilities enable IT to surpass service levels and optimize support processes.

We build up standardized versions of the open-source MySQL database. It makes capital by promoting service agreements that envelop upgrades, technical support and preservation of those programs. Developers have embraced MySQL because its code is available in open source that can be downloaded, viewed and changed effortlessly. That makes it relatively easy to inscribe programs that labor with the database.