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Intigration Services

WSI has devised such Integration Solutions that facilitate the concerns to accomplish integration maturity for integrations sandwiched between enterprise applications, partners (customers, suppliers, logistics, marketplaces etc) and people (employees, business users etc). We have the following Integration solutions to offer, namely.

  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business Process Integration (BPI)
  • Workflows
  • Composite Applications
  • Service Oriented Integration

WSI also provide Data Integration solutions, which transversely extends into ETL, Platform integrations, CDC / Real-time / Near-real time data integration, Unstructured Data Handling, Enterprise Information Integration

The present times witness a dynamic business scenario, typified by active markets, mergers & acquisitions coupled with severe competition. In order to uphold control, enterprises need to build up a finer aptitude to sense and respond speedily and smartly to market alterations.

Few such challenges that can be listed are as:-

  • Business processes span IT applications
  • Incongruent applications need to share data
  • Cohesive view of data preferred
  • Application processes need to inter-operates

The sure shot way to gun down these challenges is to avail the Integration Services of WSI.